A Long Journey Of Water Drops – A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

A half-full pail of water,
Left by a man named Jun,
On a hot day, in a field,
Dried in the blazing sun.

The water drops rose up,
Till they reached the sky,
Which made them excited,
For they thought they couldn’t fly.

Later they flew down,
As rain drops into a stream,
Again, they were so excited,
It was just like a dream.

The stream leads to a cliff,
And becomes a waterfall,
So the water dived down,
To the base of Niagara Falls.

The water moved on,
Passing through dark tunnels,
And fell into dirty water,
Where they turned into bubbles.

They were in a big sewer,
Where there’s nowhere to go,
Day and night they were trapped,
Until again they could flow.

Then again, they traveled,
As sparkling clean water,
Flowing through dark tunnels,
And reached a water filter.

They came out cleaner,
Into a bottle, they ran,
Back to Jun, back to the fields,
And to the sky they flew again.

The Mango Tree – A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

In a beautiful land,
Where bananas grow,
There’s a big mango tree,
And other plants in a row.

The tree is the biggest,
Among the rest of its type,
Biggest in the village,
And all the mangoes are ripe!

The mangoes are tasty,
Very sweet and not sour,
And there’s enough fruits,
For everyone to devour.

The Village – A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

In a small, quiet village,
I walked by myself,
At one shop I bought,
Fresh cream from their shelf.

Apple trees all over the ground,
The birds flying in the sky,
By the stream I sat,
Eating fresh cream with my pie.

The foods, so fresh,
The grasses are so green,
The rivers, sparkling clean,
The best place I’ve ever been.

Lim Kit Siang Mursyidul Am Baru PAS?

Di dalam video tersebut, Pengerusi DAP Lim Kit Siang seolah-olah mengatakan bahawa beliau lebih tahu daripada ulama’-ulama’ PAS tentang perlaksanaan hukum hudud dalam program anjuran PAS di Kota Bharu.

Lim Kit Siang berhujah kenapa hudud tidak boleh dilaksanakan sedangkan PAS Kelantan sedang berusaha untuk melaksanakan hukum hudud di Kelantan.

Lim Kit Siang telah dijemput untuk memberi ceramah di program PAS; dan Lim Kit Siang telah mengambil kesempatan untuk menghina PAS tetapi pemimpin PAS yang berada di atas pentas pada hari itu tidak pula berkata apa-apa.

Soalan saya ialah:

  1. Dimanakah maruah PAS sehingga boleh membiarkan pemimpin DAP itu mengajar mereka tentang perlaksanaan hukum Islam?

  2. DAP sudah sering kali membuat kenyataan tentang hudud tetapi yang menghairankan saya ialah bagaimana PAS masih boleh bekerjasama dengan DAP?

  3. Apakah Lim Kit Siang merasakan dirinya lebih tahu tentang hukum Islam berbanding Presiden dan Mursyidul Am PAS?

  4. Pemimpin DAP bebas bercakap tentang hal ehwal agama Islam; apakah tindakan DAP jika pemimpin PAS masuk campur atau mengkritik perkara-perkara yang berkaitan dengan urusan agama mereka?

Yusuf Islam’s “Why I Still Carry A Guitar”

Office Lens_20150512_112135_processed

It was a surprise when Uncle Zulkifli Noordin told me last Thursday, that he had asked Yusuf Islam to sign his new book, “Why I Still Carry A Guitar” for me.

I was so excited because I enjoy Yusuf Islam’s song like his alphabet song and I think that he has a beautiful voice.

Uncle Zul said that he’ll be sending me the book personally; and I just can’t wait to read the book!


On Sunday evening I heard the door bell ringing and to my surprise I saw Uncle Zul smiling at the gate holding a brown envelope.

I was so excited to see Uncle Zul and I was sure that the book was in the brown envelope.

The book is an auto biography of Yusuf Islam, what made him become a singer, why and how he converted to Islam and becomes Yusuf Islam from Cat Stevens and what made him sings again.

I truly enjoy reading the book even though I do not agree with what Yusuf Islam thinks about the Arab Spring.

It is amazing how he got to know Islam and what made him converted to Islam at the time when he was a very popular singer.

He wrote that after he becomes a Muslim, he once thought that music is forbidden in Islam but then he knew that it is okay and so he started singing and writing nasyids.

I want to thank Uncle Zul for giving me “Why I Still Carry A Guitar” signed by Yusuf Islam, it is a really special present – a special book written by a special person and given to me by an even more special person.

I really enjoyed reading the book and I don’t mind reading it again.

Photos: Amtrak Train 188 Derails In Philadelphia; 5 Killed, 65 Injured

Emergency personnel work the scene of a train wreck, Tuesday, May 12, 2015, in Philadelphia. An Amtrak train headed to New York City derailed and crashed in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek)

Emergency personnel work the scene of a train wreck, Tuesday, May 12, 2015, in Philadelphia. An Amtrak train headed to New York City derailed and crashed in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek)

An Amtrak train headed to New York City from Washington, D.C. derailed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania killing at least five people shortly after 9 p.m. Tuesday.

It was a very bad accident where all the seven cars of Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188 derailed and came off the tracks near the 2000 block of Wheatsheaf Lane.

The incident happened in an area known as Frankford Junction.

65 people were reportedly hurt and six of them are in critical condition.

Victims were taken to Temple University Hospital, Aria Health-Frankford, Hahnemann University Hospital and the Albert Einstein Medical Center.

AP reported that, “Mayor Michael Nutter, who confirmed the deaths, said the scene was horrific and not all the more than 240 people on the train had been accounted for”.

The mayor said the incident was a”Level 3 mass casualty event”.

It was reported that the train was carrying 238 passengers and 5 crew members.

NBC reported that, “the incident required a 4-alarm response, including 120 firefighters and 200 police officers”.

The Amtrak train service between New York City and Philadelphia was suspended after the crash.