Umno Dan PAS Bersatu?

The Malays are the main race in Malaysia but they are becoming weaker and weaker because they are so divided by their political stance that some fail to see each other as brothers and sisters.

We must unite; we cannot go on fighting against each other and end up become enemies of our own people.

The most important step to unite the Malays is to start the alliance between UMNO and PAS, which are the main political parties of the Malays.

If PAS continues its alliance with PKR and DAP, then they are actually going against the principals of their own party; hence it will be a joke for them to claim that they are fighting for Islam because it is DAP that is controlling PAS.

Infact, lots of pro-DAP PAS leaders follow DAP’s words instead of PAS’s Majlis Syura and the party president’s decisions.

Fortunately, there are leaders from UMNO and PAS who understand the importance of the unity among the Malays are working towards it.

Both parties’ leaders must find the ways to work together and to be united for the sake of of their people.

I hope that the Malays will be united and can work together to strengthen the ummah. 

“Bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh.”

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