BREAKING NEWS: List Of TLDM Combat Boat Crews Saved After 30 Hours Lost At Sea

The 7 TLDM crews who rode the CB90 boat.

The 7 TLDM crews who rode the CB90 boat.

Below is the list of seven TLDM crews that had lost contact with the base while riding a Combat Boat due to a very bad weather near Kota Kinabalu.

  • Bintara Muda Ince Ewin

  • Bintara Muda Steve Hudson Miso

  • Bintara Muda Nor Azuan Ariffin

  • Laskar Kanan Sulhajji Daah

  • Leftenan Azri Bakar

  • Bintara Kanan Charles Christopher

  • Laskar Kelas 1 Mohd. Azhry Maan

The missing Combat Boat CB204 has been found after 31 hours at sea close to the Malaysia’s Station Uniform in the Spratly atoll and 4 kilometers away from Terumbu Layang-Layang.

All of the  Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) officers were safe, onlt that they were hungry.

The Star reported that CB204 experienced engine and steering gear problems and was adrift 30 nautical miles off the navy security post.

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