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Black 505: Video Keganasan Di Padang Merbok

PR promised a peaceful demonstration; but did they keep their promises?

Please watch the video …

Who are they going to blame?

(Please click here for: Himpunan BLACKOUT 505: A “Peaceful Demonstration”?)

Janji Bulan dan Bingtang, By #NoDirectionShow

As I was writing another post, I swithched on the YouTube channel which upload the #NoDirectionShow songs, waiting for their latest song to be uploaded.

At 6:00 p.m. I refreshed the tab of the YouTube channel but the song was not yet uploaded.

So, I timed another five minutes and waited while writing my other post.

Before the time was up, my big sister came asking whether the video could be watched yet.

I refreshed the page, and there was, “#NoDirectionShow – Janji Bulan Dan Bintang”.

I really enjoy this latest video.

#NoDirectionShow had earlier released two hit video-clips, Krisis Air (please click here to watch the video) and Cerita Pasal Tanah (please click here to watch the video).

Anyway yesterday evening it took a very  long time to get the video loaded; as slow as a crawling turtle – it was like the old days when internet was really slow …

Here’s the video …

Videos Of Meteor Explodes Over Russia

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