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Anwar For MB: Wikipedia Dah Pening

This morning, Cucu Tok Selampit wrote a post about “Wikipedia sudah meroyan” or Wikipedia had gone ‘crazy’.

This is a screenshot inserted in the post…

Photo credit to Cucu Tok Selampit

Photo credit to Cucu Tok Selampit. Please click the photo for a larger image.

Well, I checked Wikipedia’s ‘List of Menteris Besar of Selangor’ at 3:51 p.m. and this was what I saw …


Now look who is the new MB of Selangor 😉


And at 4:05 p.m., I checked the list again …


Now a ‘Tokey Satay’ from the Party Satay is the new MB!

But the best was what I saw at 6.25 p.m. …

My sisters and I were stunned when we saw this!

Then, we had a good laugh. 

My Father from the Party MUAFAKAT?

Wow!  My sisters and I were stunned when we saw this! And after that, we had a good laugh.  So now MUAFAKAT has become a political party?

And at 9.19 p.m.,

At 9:19

At 9:19 p.m.

And I wonder who’s next …

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