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Tun M Sudah Keterkucilan dan “Freak Out”?

The oppositions are busy bashing and making fun of Dr. Kamarul Zaman Yusoff after the ‘gatecrashing’ incident by their ‘once enemy turned hero’, Tun Dr. Mahathir at the Wacana Sinar, “Is Tun M Too Old To Be PM?” where Dr. Kamarul was one of the panellists.

Criticism and condemnation were thrown at the UUM lecturer; whom was said to be shocked, “freaking out” and “keterkucilan” when Tun M ‘suddenly appeared’ at the forum, leading to all kinds of negative comments from their supporters on social medias.  

Talking about freaking out and “keterkucilan”, brings me to the letter sent by Tun M which failed to answer the question I asked in my post, “Surat Balas Tun M Tidak Menjawab Persoalan”.

Did Tun M really do not understand the Article 3(1) or was that a deception in trying to avoid answering my question but with the hope that he could trick me into believing that he had already answered it?

I asked a simple and direct question on the intention of the DAP-led opposition parties in adding the word “bebas” to the Article 3(1) and I deserve an honest answer as it involves the ideology of my country. (Please read: Perjanjian DAP, PKR, PAN, PPBM Untuk Meminda Perkara 3(1)?)

My question was not directed to Tun M personally but I was honoured by Tun M’s response and attempt to answer the question; however, I was disappointed by Tun’s out of contact and mind-boggling answer. 

Anyway, I do not make fun of the future pakatan’s Prime Minister who failed to answer my simple question like what the pakatan supporters are doing to their foes.

So it is funny to see the pakatan attacking Dr. Kamarul who is “just a lecturer and a political analyst” when their own future Prime Minister has failed to answer a question from a 13 year old boy.

Saya belum lupa and I pray to Allah for protection from being mudah lupa.