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In Photos: At Malaysian Court of Appeal, Where Are PAS’s Leaders?

Yesterday morning, I was at the Palace of Justice court complex in Putrajaya during the hearing of the “Allah” issue. 

Anyway I have to leave the court before lunch time as my father had recording appointments with TV AlHijrah and after that with Mob TV.

I was so excited to be there, especially this is my first visit to the Palace of Justice court complex. 

But where are the PAS’s leaders who claim themselves as fighters of Islam and more Islamic than others?

Or would they tell us that Uncle Nasha was there on their behalf?


In front of the court:


Me and mis tres hermanas or my three sisters. From left is Kashah, Me, Kafah and Kaman.


Uncle Jinggo interviewing Uncle Yusri of PEMBELA.


Part of the crowd outside the court, Pak Cik Ismail Mina of Muafakat was also there.


Lots of people were waiting for the ruling.


People were waiting at the main entrance of the building while some others were inside the building.


Inside the court building.


My three big sisters and my mother are among the crowd in this photo.


Another photo of me in front of the court building.


With Nenek Som, Azlina Jailani’s mother who sits on her wheelchair.