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Is Wan Ji’s Arrest Part Of His Plan?

PAS activist, Wan Ji was arrested in Shah Alam at around 2.00 a.m. early this morning.

Wan Ji Wan Husin is a former committee member of Selangor PAS’s Ulama wing and a vocal critic of religious authorities and mainstream teaching of Islam as well as our Sultans.

Is his arrest part of his plan to make people support his plan to remove the Sultans?

He was recorded saying that part of his plan to remove the Sultans is, ‘people will be arrested because of the Sultans so that the people will hate the Sultans’ …

At the 1:40th minute of the video, Wan Ji gave his name as an example of people to be arrested to make people hate the Sultans.

Now, PKR Youth made a statement that they condemned the arrest as reported by an opposition media, The Malaysian Insider (TMI).

“We are committed in demanding that the government listen to the voice of the people to repeal the outdated and cruel act. At the same time, we will also assist Wan Ji with legal aid if he is charged in court,” said a statement issued by the movement’s committee member, Zafril Eusoff – TMI.

Malaysia Today wrote:

He has since been charged with sedition for having allegedly insulted the Sultan of Selangor in a Facebook post on November 5, 2012, The Star Online reported – Malaysia Today.

So, listening to the above video, it seems like this is part of Wan Ji’s plan to abolish of the monarchy in order to make Malaysia a republic by 2030.

Malaysian must remember that the states in Malaysia used to be individual states ruled by Malay Sultans and the Sultans are the rulers of Malaysia.

It is against the Federal Constitution to insult the Sultans, moreover to create a plan to abolish the monarchy.

I respect and support the Sultan of Selangor because it is the Sultan who protect Islam during the DUMC case, the bible case, and it is the Sultan who protected Selangor from Kajang Move.

Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku!

3 Parti, 3 Nama, Apa Kata Anwar? – Comic

Please click comic for a larger image.

Please click the comic for a larger image.

Selangor’s MB Crisis: Khalid Will Meet The Sultan On Tuesday

The Selangor MB, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim will be meeting the Sultan of Selangor tomorrow to ask for the Sultan’s advice regarding the Selangor’s MB crisis.

He also said that the meeting will take place at 3.20 p.m. and he will be holding a press conference at 4 p.m. tomorrow.

The location of the press conference will be announced soon.

PAS’s U-Turn: Is It Just A Trick?

So, PAS has got the information from the palace that Wan Azizah might not be accepted by the Sultan of Selangor to become the Selangor Menteri Besar?

Malaysiakini wrote that PAS’s Khalid Samad said:

“Sebenarnya PAS mencadangkan Azmin kerana kita dapat maklum dari pihak istana kemungkinan istana tak sanggup terima Wan Azizah. Atas dasar itu kita cadangkan nama Azmin sekali.”

“Sebab utama kerana kita dapat maklumat dari istana. Itu sebab utama. Tapi kita tengoklah. Sebahagian ahli PAS kata cuba dulu. Kalau sultan tolak, biarlah sultan tolak. Maknanya, bukan kita (PAS) yang tolak, tapi sultan.”

With this statement, it proves that PAS knows that Wan Azizah might not be accepted by the Sultan.

So did Haji Hadi agree to nominate Wan Azizah as the MB because he knows that the Sultan will not accept her?

If the answer is “yes”, it means that Haji Hadi is smarter than Anwar Ibrahim because agreeing to what Anwar wanted is just like a trick by Haji Hadi.

But if PAS received the information about how the place feels about Wan Azizah, it is almost impossible for Anwar to not be informed about it.

Surely Mat Sabu or Khalid Samad or other Anwaris must had told Anwar about it.

So, why must PKR and DAP keep insisting that Wan Azizah is the one and only candidate for the MB post?

Do PKR and DAP think that they are more powerful than the Sultan of Selangor and are trying to force the Sultan of Selangor to accept Wan Azizah?


Is Wan Azizah Actually A He?

Wan Azizah, in her press statement said that Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim must step down from his MB post because she is now voted by the majority of the ADUNs of Selangor as the MB of Selangor.

But Wan Azizah must not forget that in order to become the MB of Selangor, the candidate must be accepted by the Sultan of Selangor and not only by the ADUNs of Selangor.

The Constitution of Selangor says that His Highness has the right to reject any MB candidate that His Highness thinks is not fit to become the MB.

Is Wan Azizah trying to push the Sultan?  (Credit to helenang.worpress.com)

Is Wan Azizah trying to push the Sultan?
(Credit to helenang.worpress.com)

I think that it is very rude for the unregistered Pakatan leaders to make all kind of statements to force His Highness to accept Wan Azizah as the MB.

And according to the Constitution of Selangor, the MB should be a “he”.


And well, obviously Wan Azizah is a she and not a he; or do the ADUNs supporting Wan Azizah think that Wan Azizah is actually a he?

And they must also remember that Wan Azizah was born in Singapore and not in Selangor.


Now PKR And DAP Exco Knows Who’s The Boss

Now, will the Selangor PKR and DAP state executive council members resign or will they be willing to take orders from the MB whom their parties describe as corrupted and not fit to remain as the MB of Selangor?

The Malaysian Insider reported that:

Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said today that executive council members (exco) who were unhappy about working with him were free to resign.

He said PAS had already announced that its four exco members would continue working in the state government under him, and added that this figure was enough to conti‎nue with the exco even if the remaining six PKR and DAP exco members stepped down.

But he added that he would interview the state executive counsellors tomorrow to find out if they were still willing to work under him.

“If they feel, if it’s in their own conscience that they will not be a part of the menteri besar’s team, then I think it’s best for them not to continue,” he told a press conference at the state secretariat building today.

He said that as menteri besar, he had the authority to recommend to the sultan that ‎the exco line-up be changed, but added the exco should decide for themselves if they wished to step down. – August 11, 2014.