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Say That You Respect The Sovereignty of Malaysia

Malaysia is a sovereign country and other countries have no rights to interfere in our internal issues.

It is disgusting action for Anwar Ibrahim’s supporters to lobby foreign powers to force the government to free him from jail.

Anwar is not a political prisoner, he dragged the case for 7 years and was represented huge numbers of prominent lawyers.

Please sign this petition to say that you respect the sovereignty of Malaysia;

Please click to go to the petition.

Please click to go to the petition.

If you do not know how to sign this petition, please click here.

Nightly Vigils For Anwar?

Insider 15

In the above article, PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail who is also the wife of Anwar Ibrahim announced that PKR will be holding nightly solidarity vigils outside the Sungai Buloh prison in response to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy conviction yesterday and “urged all Malaysians to join in the vigil every night beginning tomorrow for as long as possible.”

“We encourage the public to join solidarity gatherings, or vigils, outside the Sungai Buloh Prison each day, starting tomorrow night.” – Wan Azizah, TMI (February 10, 2015)

I guess she wants to:

  1. Get the attention of the western powers such as the United States, United Kingdom, the United Nations and others so that they will force the Malaysian government to release Anwar from the prison.

  2. To attract more supporters who will then do crazy things like demonstrations against the government.

It is Wan Azizah’s rights to camp outside the Sungai Buloh Prison each day until Anwar Ibrahim is freed but is it fair for her to make others do the same just to free Anwar from jail?

Wan Azizah is actually using PKR supporters to show the world that Anwar Ibrahim has lots of supporters and she does not care that she is wasting the people’s time and money for her own good.

I think it is very selfish because some of them might lose their jobs or having trouble with their studies because of getting carried away with all these useless activities.

By the way, I wonder if Wan Azizah will be camping outside the Sungai Buloh Prison each day, starting tomorrow night for the next 5 years or will she and her family members be resting at home while their supporters do the dirty works?

It will be okay for Wan Azizah, Nurul Izzah and other opposition leaders to camp outside the prison because as MPs and assemblymen they do not have strict office hours like most people and their bosses won’t fire them for being late or not doing their jobs well.

So, let PKR, DAP and some PAS leaders camp outside the prison; it’s interesting to see how long Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah will be camping and who are the other leaders who’ll be camping for Anwar Ibrahim with them.

I only hope that there will be no candle light Virgil because it is against the teaching of Islam. 

Sodomy II: Summary of Judgement


1) Saiful Bukhari found to be credible witness
2) No impeachment of Saiful B’s evidence
3) There were corroborative evidence to support Saiful B evidence (cctv recording, DNA evidence of Anwar, medical experts, lubricant KY used, no scar or tears in Saiful’s anus etc)
4) On DNA evidence, Anwar used the items retrieved from lockup he stayed overnight for DNA profiling.
5) DNA of Anwar was not illegally obtained. Even if it was, in law, it was admissible.
6) DNA profiling shows Anwar sodomised Saiful B.
7) DNA evidence by prosecution corroborates Saiful’s testimony on factum of penetration.
8) DNA evidence was not compromised. No contamination of DNA samples.
9) There is no break in chain of custody. Integrity of samples was not compromised.
10) Defence argument that Anwar’s DNA was planted was not sustainable.
11) DNA profile Male Y is Anwar’s.
12) Sperm heads observed without tails consistent with Saiful’s evidence that he was sodomised few days ago before examination was conducted on Safiul’s anus.
13) Prosecution medical/ DNA experts found to be credible.
14) On Anwar’s defence of alibi, Anwar submitted 13 alibi witnesses but abandoned it later. In Anwar’s unsworn statement, he merely said ‘it never happened’ Anwar never denied sodomising Saiful.
15) Unsworn statement by Anwar was of little value as it was not tested through cross examination.
16) On political conspiracy raised by Anwar, it was not substantiated by any evidence.
17) Anwar never disputed he was there at the same condominium. He was seen entering car park, elevator etc.
18) High Court judge was wrong in acquitting Anwar. High Court imposed 100% test of burden, which was too high.
19) Defence medical experts evidence rejected. They never carried out any practical tests.
20) Compelling evidence ie DNA establish sperm cells of Anwar in Saiful’s anus. Anwar failed to cast any reasonable doubt. Prosecution therefore establishes it’s case beyond reasonable doubt.

Federal Court Sentenced Anwar To Five Years In Jail

The Federal Court sentenced Anwar Ibrahim to a five-years period of jail for sodomising his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan seven years ago.

The five men panel lead by Chief Justice Tun Arifin Zakaria delivered an unanimous 5-0 judgement on the matter.



Below is the summary of the case which took 7 years to be finalised.