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PAN Protects Alcohol, Rejects Hadi’s Bill?

PAN or Parti Amanah Negara’s MP for Kota Raja, Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud said in Parliament that the alcohol taxes should not be raised as reported by Free Malaysia Today (FMT).

I would understand if this issue was raised by a non-Muslim MP, but why must a Muslim MP from a so-called Islamic political party raised the issue in parliament?

FMT reported that Siti Mariah who is the women’s wing chief of PAN said that, “As for alcohol, it is allowed to non-Muslims, so if we increase its tax it will burden them.”

Bagi alkohol pula, ia dibenarkan untuk bukan Muslim, jadi jika kita naikkan cukainya ia akan membebankan mereka,” kata Siti Mariah Mahmood (Amanah-Kota Raja) di Dewan Rakyat hari ini. – FMT

This is an argument made by a senior leader from a party that claims that its aim is to become the main Islamic party in Malaysia.

My question to PAN’s Dr Siti Mariah are:

  1. Why must a Muslim like Siti Mariah fights for something which is haram just to win the non-Muslims’ votes?

  2. Is fighting for the non-Muslims alcohol drinker is more important than fighting for the Muslims who want the Act 355 to be amended?

  3. Is the issue of alcohol tax is more important than the issue of the amendment of Act 355?

  4. Is fighting for the tax on alcohol not to be increased is one of the actions taken by Siti Mariah and PAN to empower Islam as promised by them to their main voters who are the Muslims?

  5. Is there no better issue to fight for other than alcohol?

  6. Is PAN not aware of the bad effect of alcohol?

  7. Is PAN saying that all non-Muslims consume alcohol for concluding that an increase on alcohol tax will burden the non-Muslim and not only the people who consume alcohol?

  8. Is she implying that drinking alcohol is such an important part of the lives of the non-Muslims that it is a duty for her to raise the issue regardless the fact that she is a Muslim?

Siti Mariah must understand that alcohol is haram to the Muslims so it is wrong for a Muslim to fight for alcohol, as there is no reason for non-Muslims to make a fuss about Act 355 as it has nothing to do with them.

Furthermore, why must she fight for alcohol?

Is she not aware of the bad effects of being drunk, like causing accidents, crimes like domestic violence, fights and other violence actions?

Is this how a Muslim MP supposed to be; promoting bad practices and assuming that every non-Muslims drinks alcohol.

Siti Mariah as a PAS candidate in the 13th General Election has violated the trust of her Muslims voters.