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Siti Kasim Finally Supports Act 355?

Liberal lawyer and activist, Siti Zabedah Kasim seems to be very mad, in fact it looks like she is steaming, raging mad after being advised by the Mufti of Perak, Tan Sri Harussani to not touch on matters concerning tauhid.

On her Facebook page, claiming that the Mufti of Perak accused her of “being an apostate”, she wrote that the Mufti is “punishable by 80 kali sebat according to the Quran” for making “a very big fitnah to accuse woman wrongly”; and she quoted the 4th verse of the Surah An-Noor to prove her point.

I am appalled by her arrogant attitude and her out of context self-interpretation of the holy Quran to suit her needs.

Fortunately, she is not a Syariah lawyer; as it will cause a deafening uproar in the courtroom if she insists that her out of context self-interpretation of the Quran is valid!

Anyway, it puzzles me when she talks about the punishment from the Quran; after all, isn’t she is the one who vocally complains about the proposed amendment of Act 355?

As I understand from her ridiculous stunts at numerous public forums, she is against the implementation of “80 kali sebat” and wants the maximum limit for whipping stays at only six strokes. 

May be her anger made her confused… 

As I wrote in my previous post, ‘Siti Kasim: Drowned by Freedom of Speech it is best for her to stand up tall and clarify the matter with JAKIM to solve the problem.

I also asked, “Or is she going to deny what she had said in the video and says something weird like, the video was edited by somebody to defame her?”

And I was right because on her Facebook page she told the Mufti to listen to her original interview and “not to get confused by the cut paste fitnah version by menara.my, fundamentalist website that is out to attack what the Islamofascists term as liberals”. 

Has she changed her mind regarding the proposed amendment of Act 355 so that the people who accused her can be punished as according to the Quran?

Siti Bedah must make up her mind!

Siti Kasim: Drowned by Freedom of Speech

It seems like liberal lawyer, Siti Zabedah Kasim who is usually cool and cheerful is getting really angry after she found out that she would be summoned by the religious authority “to clarify her reported remarks on God’s existence”.

She wrote in her Facebook that,”I will have no hesitation to take the full force of law against anyone or anybody who try to bully or defame me” and that “an idiot blogger” created a story about her that only “mentally challenged people will actually believe rubbish like that”.

She told Malay Mail Online that she received death threats after an article was published by the news portal Menara.my. Going to the extent of name calling, the portal was described as a “fundamentalist Malay-language portal”.

“She told Malay Mail Online when contacted on March 22 that the decapitation threats were made after a fundamentalist Malay-language portal, Menara.my, published an article titled “Melalui getaran, kita menghasilkan Tuhan — Siti Kasim” (Through vibrations, we create God — Siti Kasim) that she said had “manipulated” her interview with Chinese-language portal pocketimes.my”

~ Malay Mail Online.

The out spoken lawyer who is very popular for her liberal ideas and weird interpretations of Islam angered the Muslims with her crazy ideas and Islam bashing statements that she claims to be the true interpretations of Islam.

As a lawyer and activist who fights for the rights of the people, she must also fight for the rights of the Muslims to practise Islam as the religion of the Federaton according to the Federal Constitution.

Zabedah must stop applying double standards in her actions, and denying the rights of the others, as she did over the issue of the proposed amendment of Act 355. 

She complains of her anger over what was written by the “idiot blogger” when her words had angered millions of Muslims almost daily.

As a person of integrity, she should stand up tall and explain what she meant by her statements. instead of putting the burden of proof on others over what she had said in the video.

It is not good enough to only accuse others of twisting the issue because that is a lame excuse.

In fact, Zabedah should voluntarily meet JAKIM and share her ideas about Islam, who knows JAKIM can learn new things from her.

It will be great if she can explain about what she had said in the video and also about her version of Islam.

Or is she going to deny what she had said in the video and says something weird like, the video was edited by somebody to defame her?