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The Red Panda, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

A little red panda,
Was eating a banana,
In it’s home in Lhasa
Wearing a bandanna,

One fine sunny day,
The panda went to play,
It jumped down a tree,
Landed on a stack of hay.

The hay was cottony soft,
And it’s just the right size,
It made the panda sleepy,
And so it closed it’s eyes.

The panda fell asleep,
And it started to dream,
It dreamt of being a bee,
Flying over a stream.

The panda woke up,
When a sound was heard,
It was a big, red car,
Which then turned into a bird.

The panda was shocked,
To see the car morph,
Then to the panda’s surprise,
The bird turned into a dwarf.

“Could I be dreaming again?”
Asked the panda, wondering,
“I cannot be awake,”
“Because now I’m in Bejing!”