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Demontrasi Guling: Benarkah Polis Nak Duit?

I am very sad to see these demonstrators who do not only love to cause trouble but also do not know how to respect others.

Please learn to be good citizens and respect the police force.

Exclusive Video: Are Malaysian Policemen Brutal?

A man was caught by a policeman for not wearing seatbelts while driving in Malaysia.

The Chinese man taped the scene where he argued with the policeman demanding to know what had he done wrong when he was issued a traffic summon for the above reason.

Now, I wonder if he understands the traffic rules?

It looks very funny because in this video, the driver who was caught was very angry and rude at the policeman; but if you look at the policeman, he was very calm and when the man asked for his police number, the policeman even gave a thumbs up.

Maybe the driver does not like the Malaysian traffic rules for he kept on questioning what had he done wrong even after the policeman answered had him.

And he kept repeating to the words, “polis Malaysia” or “Malaysian police”; may be he thinks that wearing seatbelts is a weird traffic rule and people do not have to wear seatbelts in other countries. 

I wonder why did he tape this video, was he proud of what he did?

Thank you to MynewshubChannel for the video.

BLACK 505: Photos Of Black 505 Demonstrators At The Parliament

Photo from AAKJ

Photo from AAKJ

BLACK 505 demonstrators walked to the Malaysian parliament this morning to stage another illegal demonstration over there, ahead of the swearing-in ceremony of Members of Parliament today.

Please read: BLACKOUT 505: Photos That Raises Lots Of Questions

BLACK 505 is organised by the Malaysian opposition parties.

They were led by a PKR leader Badrul Hisham Shaharin or Chegubard and Hariss Ibrahim.

Police personnel have refrained from any violence, apart from pushing those trying to break the barrier to the ground.

Anyway, the demonstrators tried to breach the barrier formed by police personnel in front of Parliament, resulting in scuffles with the police.

Blogger AAKJ reported that a police officer was injured when he was punched by the demonstrators.

The police officer who was injured by the violent demonstrators.

The police officer who was injured by the violent demonstrators.

At least 25 of the demonstrators had been arrested.

From the photos, I can see that the demonstrators are Malay.

They should be ashamed of themselves because their actions are against the teaching of Islam and the Malay values.

They are not kids any more and they must stop behaving like spoilt kids who love to throw tantrums even in the public places.

There is no fool like an old fool!

Photo from Melanau Blogger

Their action are against the Malay values. Photo credit to Melanau Blogger

Photo from Melanau Blogger

They should be ashamed of themselves! Photo credit to Melanau Blogger

Photo from Melanau Blogger

They must learn to behave like respectful adults. Photo credit to Melanau Blogger

Photo from Generasi Pejuang Bangsa

Photo credit to Generasi Pejuang Bangsa

Photo from Anak Sungai Derhaka

Opposition leaders should teach their supporters good values and good manners!

Say NO! to BLACK 505 and the Pakatan Rakyat!

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