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PAS’s Leader Khairol Fahmi Humiliated Prophet Muhammad And Blamed Utusan

Khairol Fahmi Mat Som, PAS Central Youth’s assistant secretary humiliates the Prophet Muhammad SAW in his tweet.

It is a shame that a Muslim can say such rude words to our beloved Prophet for political gains.


Then when people complained about his rude statement, like other opposition leaders, he blamed the Utusan for wrongly reported his tweet and said that he’ll be suing the newspaper.

“Saya dikatakan hina Nabi SAW. Utusan telah salah tafsir tweet saya. Saya menafikan bahawa saya Nabi SAW. Saman akan difailkan.”


The underlined word means ‘deny’; he tweeted, “I deny the fact that I humiliated Prophet SAW.”

How could he tweeted such rude words and blamed others for it.

Then after that he accused UMNO for not wanting Islam and does not love Islam:

“UMNO yg tolak ISLAM.”

And for most PAS’s supporters, what ever their leaders say or do, they are always right; if something went wrong it must be UMNO’s or Utusan’s fault!

It may seems silly and I really pity them for being so confused that they can’t think straight anymore ….