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Photos: Stunning Frozen Niagara Falls (January 2018)

Photo credit to Express.co.uk

The East Coast of the United States and Canada was slammed by a “bomb cyclone”, a low-pressure weather system similar to a hurricane which brought snow, ice, and strong winds even to places that rarely snows like certain parts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

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The extreme cold weather froze parts of the running water of the Niagara Falls, which turns it into a beautiful natural winter wonderland.  

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Stunning Videos Of Partially Frozen Niagara Falls (Jan 2014)

The polar vortex has frozen part of Niagara Falls and transformed it into a winter wonderland.

Spectacular Photos of Partially Frozen Niagara Falls (Jan 2014)

REUTERS reported that the Niagara Falls partially froze on Tuesday, when the high temperature was a record low of minus 2 degrees.

The ice formed on the U.S. side of the falls, which straddle the border between the United States and Canada.

I visited the Niagara Falls in the autumn of 2006, I was 3 years old at the time and I was very excited to see lots of rainbows around the falls 🙂

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Cool Canadian Tire Ice Truck By Iceculture (Videos)

An ice pickup truck made out of 11,000lbs of ice was sculpted by a team named ‘Iceculture’ in Ontario, Canada.

The cool truck has a steel frame to provide extra support and it was made for Canadian Tire, to show how well car batteries it makes hold up in extreme cold.

The truck is not only beautiful to look at, but we can take a cool ride on it.

To prove it, a team from ‘Iceculture’ drove the vehicle for a mile at 12mph.

And it comes together with license plates, a pine tree-shaped air freshener, and special fans to prevent the exterior from melting.

The truck is now reckon in the Guinness World Record.

It must be very interesting to ride on the cool ice truck!

 And it took 40 hours for the ice truck to melt.

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