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Malaysian Student In Nottingham Stabbed Multiple Times

Credit to Utusan Malaysia for the image.

Credit to Utusan Malaysia for the image.

The Star reported that a Malaysian student, Ahmad Izat Ahmad Nazmi, was mugged by a trio of juveniles as he was walking alone Monday evening.

The trio were believed to be aged between eight and 14 years.

Ahmad Izat Ahmad Nazmi who is an Industrial Economy student at the Nottingham University, was stabbed multiple times after he chased them and fought to recover his belongings.

It was also reported that passers-by and residents in the area heard his pleas for help but ignored him.

A good Samaritan helped him to call the police, who took him to a hospital, where he needed 11 stitches for his wounds.

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In 2011, another Malaysian student was attacked and robbed by London rioters.