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Syed Saddiq Menyindir Tun M?

Ketua Pemuda PPBM, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman berpendapat, untuk UMNO berjaya, parti itu mesti dipimpin oleh orang muda dan bukannya orang tua.

Menurut akhbar New Straits Times di dalam laporannya yang bertajuk “KJ should go straight for Umno president’s post, says Syed Saddiq”:

The 25-year-old leader further said that if Khairy refused to break Umno’s old structure, the party and its young members would go nowhere. – NST

When asked for his thoughts on the possibility of Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Ibrahim running as president, Saddiq disagreed with that proposal.
“It is very interesting but Tengku Razaleigh as Umno president would not be able to capture the youth’s imagination like KJ or other young leaders. – NST

Syed Saddiq mahu Ketua Pemuda UMNO Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ) supaya bertanding jawatan Presiden UMNO dan seterusnya dipilih menjadi Presiden UMNO.

Saya merasakan nama Tengku Razaleigh Ibrahim di dalam laporan tersebut adalah merujuk kepada Tan Sri Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, yang merupakan salah seorang daripada calon Presiden UMNO di dalam pemilihan parti kali ini.

Soalan saya kepada Syed Saddiq:

  1. Berapakah umur calon Perdana Menteri PH yang mendapat sokongan dan undi besar daripada orang muda pada PRU14?
  2. Apakah Syed Saddiq menafikan sanjungan dan sokongan orang muda terhadap Perdana Menteri sekarang?
  3. Apakah Tun Dr. Mahathir lebih muda daripada Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah?
  4. ” … Tengku Razaleigh as Umno president would not be able to capture the youth’s imagination like KJ or other young leaders”, adakah ini satu sindiran kepada Tun M?

Saya tertanya-tanya, tidakkah Syed Saddiq sedar berapakah umur pemimpin kanan Pakatan Harapan (PH), teristimewanya Pengerusi PH sebelum menegur parti orang lain?

Dan apakah Syed Saddiq sudah lupa bahawa Tun Dr. Mahathir adalah jauh lebih tua berbanding Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah?

Hakikatnya, Perdana Menteri yang juga merupakan pengerusi PH sudahpun berumur 93 tahun, dan bakal Perdana Menteri PH pula berumur kini 70 tahun.

Maka, apabila bakal Perdana Menteri ke-8 menaiki takhta dua tahun lagi, beliau akan berumur 72 tahun, itu pun jika Tun Dr. Mahathir sudah bersedia untuk memberi laluan kepadanya pada ketika itu.

Selepas Anwar Ibrahim, mungkin isterinya yang kini merupakan Timbalan Perdana Menteri pula yang akan menjadi calon Perdana Menteri, dan pada ketika itu, kemungkinan Wan Azizah sudah berumur dalam lingkungan 75 tahun.

Selepas Wan Azizah, mungkin Tan Sri Muhyiddin juga mahu menjadi calon Perdana Menteri pada usia lebih daripada 80 tahun.

Selepas Muhyiddin mungkin Mat Sabu juga mahu menjadi calon Perdana Menteri, juga pada umur lebih daripada 80 tahun.

Dan begitulah seterusnya, dan apabila sampai giliran pemimpin yang kini masih muda seperti Syed Saddiq untuk menjadi Pengerusi PH, maka mereka juga telahpun menjadi tua kerana terlalu ramai pemimpin-pemimpin yang tua dalam PH sedang beratur mahu menjadi Pengerusi PH.

Itu yang membuat saya terfikir, adakah Syed Saddiq sudah merasa resah menunggu gilirannya untuk menjadi Pengerusi PH dan cuba menyindir pemimpin tertinggi PH bahawa pada hari ini parti politik mesti dipimpin oleh orang muda?

Ataupun adakah Syed Saddiq sedang mengalami masalah ‘delusional disorder’ sehingga gagal melihat bahawa dalam PRU14, pengundi muda Malaysia mengundi supaya negara ini bukan sahaja dipimpin oleh pemimpin yang sudah tua, tetapi juga mempunyai Council of Eminent Persons yang anggotanya juga sudah tua?

Oleh itu, adakah dengan menegur Tengku Razaleigh, Syed Saddiq sebenarnya sedang menegur Tun M yang 12 tahun lebih tua daripada Tengku Razaleigh?

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Sulu forces planning another Sabah incursion-NST

KUALA LUMPUR: The Sulu forces in southern Philippines are planning a ‘revenge attack’ following the 2013 deadly stand-off in Lahad Datu and reclaim Sabah, Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said. This was gathered from intelligence by the enforcement agencies, Nur Jazlan said. He told the New Straits Times that the ministry was monitoring and working to neutralise the local network of sympathisers. “We have been doing continuous and intensive monitoring. There are indications that the group is planning a revenge attack. “We want to neutralise their network of sympathisers to prevent any such attack.” Nur Jazlan said many sympathisers had been assimilated into the communities, making it harder for the enforcers to identify them. “They are normal people, usually locals or non-Malaysians, with ties to the communities in southern Philippines. So, there are many of them. “They have interwoven with the communities in eastern Sabah, which makes it more difficult to identify them.” Immigration Department deputy director-general Datuk Sakib Kusmi said the movement of people with Sulu links was being monitored by enforcement agencies, including the Eastern Sabah Security Command. Sabah state assembly on Thursday passed a proposal to ban foreigners associated with the self-proclaimed Sulu sultanate from entering the country. Legal action was also proposed against PKR lawmakers Nurul Izzah Anwar and Tian Chua following their meeting with Jacel Kiram, daughter of the late Jamalul Kiram III, who ordered the 2013 intrusion.

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2015/11/114268/sulu-forces-planning-another-sabah-incursion

In Photos: Some Aftermath Of East Coast Massive Flood

Struktur Jambatan Aur Gading runtuh dan berlaku mendapan laluan berdekatan tebing Sungai Tanum berikutan banjir besar melanda daerah Lipis. – Utusan/HARIS FADILAH AHMAD (Photo credit to Utusan Online)

Struktur Jambatan Aur Gading runtuh dan berlaku mendapan laluan berdekatan tebing Sungai Tanum berikutan banjir besar melanda daerah Lipis. – Utusan/HARIS FADILAH AHMAD
(Photo credit to Utusan Online)

It is still raining in many parts of the East Coast of West Malaysia and New Straits Times reported that the number of evacuees nationwide has rose up to over 200, 000.

The hardest hit state is Kelantan, with over 147,000 evacuees.

It is a very sad scene in Manek Urai, Kelantan where after the floodwater has dried up, debris of damaged houses and cars scattered all around the place as if the place was hit by a tornado.

Here are some photos of the aftermath of the flood:

#MH370: Missing Plane Has Not Landed At Diego Garcia

There were reports that MH370 was re-directed to Diego Garcia following confirmation that the aircraft had made an ‘air turn back’.

However, acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said that the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 did not land on Diego Garcia, British India Ocean Territory as what is claimed.

According to the New Straits Times, the acting Transport Minister said that there was also no ransom sought by any party, to date.

Datuk Seri Hishamuddin, who is also the defense minister said, “No, there has not. And that makes it very difficult for us to verify whether it is hijacked or terrorist (act of terrorism). (We look into) all possibilities. We don’t take (anything) for granted”.

Tuhan Harun Follower Charged With JAIP Chief ‘s Murder

Sumustapha Suradi, a follower of Harun Mat Saat who claimed himself as ‘Tuhan Harun’ was charged for murdering JAIP’s enforcement cheif Ahmad Raffli on November 10, 2013.

Ahmad Raffli who was killed in front of his house in Kuantan.

(Please click here for: JAIP’s Head Of Enforcement Shot Dead In Front Of His Home)

New Straits Times reported that the sect leader, Harun Mat Saat, his third wife Azida Mohd Zul and another follower Shaizral Eddie Nizam Shaari were charged with abetting the murder.

The offence is against the Section 302 of the Penal Code and if proven guilty, the murderer can be punished under Section 120B (1), to be read together with Section 34 of the Penal Code.

No plea was recorded at the Magistrate’s court and case was transfered to the High Court  today.

Syabas: Water Disruptions In KL And Selangor Starting Tomorrow.

New Straits Times reported that there is going to be water disruptions starting tomorrow until June 20, 2013 parts of Kuala Lumpur, Gombak, Hulu Selangor and Petaling.

Nearly 74,890 residents will be effected.

Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas) Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Department assistant general manager Priscillia Alfred in a press statement today said the disruptions were due to maintenance work.

“Maintenance work is to be conducted on pump no. 3 in the pump house located in Matang Pagar, Sungai Buloh, Selangor. It will take 8 hours for Priscillia Alfredthe work to be completed while the recovery period will take 48 hours.” 

Please stock up water and use it prudently. 

For more information, please contact (Puspel) at its toll-free number 1-800-88-5252. 

Giant Telecommunications Antenna Crashed In Penang, 1 Killed, 5 Injured-Photos And Video

A 20-tonne concrete slab and a lightning arrester pole on top a 21-storey building collapsed and crashed on several vehicles along Jalan Macalister following a thunderstorm this evening. -- Pix by Ramdzan Masiam/New Straits Times

A 20-tonne concrete slab and a lightning arrester pole on top a 21-storey building collapsed and crashed on several vehicles along Jalan Macalister following a thunderstorm this evening. — Pix by Ramdzan Masiam/New Straits Times

A severe thunderstorm hit Penang yesterday evening, uprooting trees and causing damages to properties.

At about 6:45pm, an 80-foot telecommunications antenna crashed from the top of the 21-storey Menara UMNO in Jalan Macalister, Georgetown crushing vehicles travelling below.

Six cars and a lorry carrying liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) canisters were crushed by the giant white-coloured pole.

One man was killed while another five were injured, including two who were seriously injured.

Jahir Hussain Sulaiman, 46, the co-driver of the lorry was killed in the incident.

The injured are Norhalis Hayati Abd Latif, 30,  Abd Latif Ramli, 71, Mohamad Badrul, 32, Rudi Ahmad, 34, and Samsiah Salim, 49.

The LPG canisters were seen lying all over road, risking possible explosion.

Occupants of the tower were evacuated while hundreds other people ran away from nearby outlets after the incident. 

Please click the photos for larger images:

Photos: Penang Second Bridge Ramp Collapsed, 1 Dead, 3 Injured

Scene of the Second Penang Bridge ramp collapse.- Gary Chen/The Star - 7 June, 2013

Scene of the Second Penang Bridge ramp collapse.- Gary Chen/The Star – 7 June, 2013

The ramp to the Penang Second Bridge which is still under construction collapsed yesterday evening at about 7:15pm at Lebuhraya  Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu in Batu Maung, Penang.

At least one person was killed and three others were injured in the incident.

It is reported that a search camera has detected an unmoving arm in a white Perodua Kelisa lying crushed under tons of concrete and steel.

Berita Harian said that it took a long time to pull out the victim in the Kelisa because the car was trapped under steels and concrete that was estimated to weigh about 300 ton so it needed special machineries and proper plans as not to cause more disaster.

It was reported that the rescuers may be able to free the body this evening.

The Star reported that, “the car plate number with some digits missing is ‘PF?347?’ “

The authorities are still investigating the cause of the disaster.

I am sad and sorry for the victims, their families and friends.

Please click the photos for larger images:

EXCLUSIVE FROM LAHAD DATU: ‘My Comrades Were Slaughtered’

The blue house from where the first volley of fire had come from in Kampung Simunul on March 2. (IMAGE FROM NST)

>>>Please click here for the video<<<

On March 11, 2013, I posted an article from the New Straits Times (NST) – LAHAD DATU: ‘I Saw His Face As He Fell’ about what NST wrote as “ANGER AND SADNESS: VAT 69 commandos relive the nightmare of seeing their comrades get killed”; please click here.

Today I want to share another article from NST about what happened during the Kampung Simunul incident.

Please read: List And Photos of Policemen Killed In Semporna Shooting.

As I wrote before the Sulu militants are so cruel that I was shocked reading how cruel they are.  

(NST) GUNFIGHT: Cop recounts the moment Sulu terrorists killed his colleagues in Kampung Simunul on March 2.

AS the main assaulters in the police raiding team outside the terrorists hideout were hit by  bullets, *Adam, *Amir and the other operatives behind them pulled back and dove for cover. The enemy had a clear field of fire and the police team was exposed.

Just seconds after the terrorists opened fire, the area where the terrorists were located exploded in a volley of fresh fire as more enemy combatants lit up the police assault team. The police laid down suppressive fire to give their men a chance to get behind cover.

Many leapt into the door-less houses that lined the walkway; these would be their foxholes for the next 24 hours, at least. Adam and Amir were among those who escaped the complex maze. They dialled up their combat net (command centre) and called for backup.

Recalling that moment, Adam said as he moved further from the house, turning his head every now and then, he saw the terrorists exit the house to pull his comrades who were lying in pools of their own blood outside the door, closer in.

“One of our men who was shot at the door retreated but fell into the water below. Somehow, he managed to call the operations centre.

“He was telling command about the ambush and that he had been shot. The terrorists must have heard him. We found his bullet-riddled body a few metres from where he fell,” Adam said.

This was the only time throughout our conversation that Adam was overcome with emotion.

“Then there was a lull in the fighting. I looked back and this was when I saw the terrorists striking my brothers with their barong (a knife resembling a cleaver used in the Philippines) repeatedly.

“They were already badly wounded. I did not hear any sound coming from them as they were being hacked,” the officer, not more than 30, said. He let his voice trail off until he was barely audible.

Heavy gunfire resumed, this time coming from all directions. *Musa, who was peering through the cracks with one eye cocked on the four men he had in custody in case they decided to jump him, was almost hit by two rounds that slammed through the window.

In less than a minute from when the first shot was fired, several terrorists began to advance and press on with their attack on the policemen.

The terrorists appeared to know the area well as they were believed to have entered the village about a week before.

Musa said as it was quite dark outside, he could not return fire for fear of hitting one of his own.

From where he was, he could see the atrocities that were being committed against his fallen comrades in the dimly-lit blue house.

His voice cracked as he told us: “If there is one thing I could erase from my memory, it is the sight of seeing my fellow brothers slaughtered by the terrorists.

“I saw one of my brothers, who had been shot and was barely alive, when one of the terrorists swung his barong at his neck. He was later shot in the mouth,” Musa said, his voice cracking.

This was the same time that Inspector Mohd Hasnal, who was kneeling on the walkway after being shot, was being attacked by a barong-wielding terrorist.

Although he could not fight back, Hasnal shielded himself from the blows with his arms. By then, his fingers and forearm were almost severed. His attacker had also managed to strike him on his head and back.

*Ahmad, from his position, saw the whole thing and lit Hasnal’s attacker up with his weapon. His trigger finger never relaxed as he fired off round after round, spent bullet casings coming out of his ejection port in a torrent of brass. He also killed another terrorist.

Ahmad unloaded an entire magazine clip on Hasnal’s attacker before the terrorist fell into the boat below. Police later found amulets around the terrorist’s waist. He and the rest of the terrorists did not have body armour or ballistic protection.

It was then that Hasnal got up to take cover. As luck would have it, he chose the path that led to the house Ahmad was in. Seeing him approach, Ahmad dived into the narrow corridor and pushed Hasnal into the house Musa was in.

Superintendent Ibrahim Lebar, who had just been shot a few metres away, was a few steps behind Hasnal. However, he came face to face with a terrorist who had turned into the corridor. The terrorist shot at him and attacked him with a barong.

Ahmad, who had heard the shot from inside the house, shot at the terrorist, who managed to run away.

Ibrahim died in the corridor.

Having seen the kind of butchers the Suluk terrorists were, Ahmad was determined to keep his superior’s body intact. He dragged his body in.

As the night fell silent

The next 24 hours was a living hell for Musa and the rest of the men trapped at the village. Although the night had became still since the final rounds were fired, they were hunkered down within the four walls of their concealed positions. They didn’t know whom they could trust.

With one hand on his weapon and pointing it at the four suspects, and the other trying to stem the flow of blood from Hasnal’s wounds, Musa’s eyes darted around the house. He didn’t know where the terrorists would breach his position, where they were going to come in from. They could come in through the kitchen door or the open window he was facing. He prayed hard for a rescue team to come soon.

“I had to urinate in my pants and a piece of cloth, because if the terrorists heard the sound of water dripping, we were all dead.

“Occasionally, I would wake Hasnal up to make sure he was still alive.”

Musa had found a water container that the occupants of the house had used to catch water leaking from the roof. It was full of unidentifiable particles and lizard droppings.

“I drank it and gave Hasnal some. That was the same water that I used to clean off the blood on his face.”

He said that while his phone battery had long died, he had to remove Hasnal’s phone battery as he was unsure of how to switch it off. He couldn’t risk the terrorists tracing them. The four suspects had been patted down before the ambush and had had their phones seized.

The rescue operation

The sound of the wooden walkway creaking at 5pm the next day jolted an exhausted Musa.

Heavy footsteps advancing towards him followed. He peeked through the cracks and saw scores of VAT 69 commandos in full tactical assault gear scouring the area. He grabbed the reflective vest he had hidden throughout the night and hung it by the window, to indicate his position to the rescuers.

Earlier, before his mission was launched, the entire team had agreed on a set of pro words, hand signals and gestures to convey information efficiently.

As agreed during the briefing at the headquarters, in case anything were to go wrong, Musa would lie still on his back.

This would enable the rescue team to immediately identify him as a friendly.

The commandos stormed into the house and as per procedure, he gave them a brief report. They then secured and took with them all the weapons in the room, including his.

“I somewhat felt like a prisoner when my weapon was taken away.

“Then, the commandos shouted ‘Secured!’ and said that they would come back for me,” he said.

Inspector Hasnal was immediately taken away by two of the commandos out of the hostile area. “It was the greatest relief for me when Hasnal was brought out alive.

“He had fought hard for his life and it was not in vain.”

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