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National Geographic Travel’s Best Travel Photos of 2013

Below are some of the top 50 best travel photos of 2013 chosen by National Geographic Travel.

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25th National Geographic Travel Photo Contest Winners

The 25th National Geographic Travel Photo Contest’s winners had been announced!

(Please click here for: ‘2013 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest’)

National Geographic Traveler magazine received more than 15,500 entries from skilled photographers from around the world for its 25th annual photo contest.

Taken in locations from Brazil to Kenya, the winning pictures show everything from quiet landscapes to surprising moments.

Here are the winning images, please click the photos for larger images.

2013 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

SHEIKH ZAYED MOSQUE (Photo and caption by Dhafer Al Shehri/ National Geographic Travel Photo Contest)

Wonder who will win the 25th National Geographic Travel Photo Contest?

Here are some examples of the entrants …..

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