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NaPoWriMo Poem #19: Warning! The Ants Are Coming!

The ants are coming!
To eat our foods,
They must be stopped,
From taking our goods.

The ants are coming!
It’s time to prepare,
Set the alarms ringing,
To warn the others!

The ants are coming!
There’s no time to waste,
Take out the cloves,
The ants must be chased.

NaPoWriMo Poem #18: Halo In The Sky

Halo, halo,
In the sky,
Around the sun,
As I said goodbye.

As I go,
Out of my house,
I see the halo,
Up in the sky.

Red, blue,
And even green,
The beauty of nature,
That can be seen.

NaPoWriMo Poem #17: A Sad Old Computer

A little computer,
Sat in a shop,
Sold by a man,
Named Mr. Hop.

Many people,
Visited the shop,
But nobody,
Buys the laptop.

After five long years,
And six months gone by,
Mr. Hop wants to throw it,
Since nobody wants to buy.

The laptop is sad,
And so it cries,
A little boy hears it,
And he decides to buy.

And so the laptop,
Is very, very happy,
And was given a name,
The Old Mr. Lappy.


NaPoWriMo Poem #16: “Teen”

Sixteen, sixteen,
Sixteen days through,
Sixteen poems,
And more to be brewed.

Fourteen, fourteen,
Fourteen more days,
Fourteen more poems,
It’s like walking through a maze.

Fifteen, fifteen,
Two thousand fifteen,
I’m not yet fifteen,
I’m not even a teen!

NaPoWriMo Poem #14: A Poem?

I need to write a poem,
For all of my readers,
But what should I write?
Maybe about my sneakers?

I really have no idea,
Even what to rhyme with blue,
I want to ask for help,
But I don’t know who.

What should I write about?
I just have no idea,
Should I write about my shoe?
That I bought in Korea?

Poem need a tempo,
The words have to rhyme,
But both are hard,
And talking is wasting my time.

All I need is an idea,
Maybe about a golemn?
But hold on a second,
I just wrote a poem!

NaPoWriMo Poem #13: Pizza, My Favourite Food

Pizza, pizza,
Took a bite a chewed,
It is so tasty,
Pizza is my favourite food.

Beef pepperoni,
Olives, jalapeno, basil,
Mozzarella, tomato sauce, 
But do not add the apple.

Sniff the tasty aroma,
Chew and taste it,
Cheesy, delicious pizza,
Nothing can beat it!

NaPoWriMo Poem #12: A Little Brown Bear

A little brown bear,
Under a shady tree,
Eating a green pear,
Dipped in honey.

It loves to eat fruits,
Apples, peaches and pears,
While sitting in a boot,
Sharing with its friends.

The bear goes around,
To any garden it sees,
And will usually be found,
In a bush behind a tree.

NaPoWriMo Poem #11: New Bakery In Town

A bakery is just opened,
By a river, in downtown,
Croissant and also stollen,
Delicious breads, best in town.

Each bread cost a dollar,
For others, they cost more,
Great prices for everyone,
Hungry children ask for more.

Inside, there’s rows of bread,
Jovial place for you and me,
Kids love to go there too,
Licking fingers in smiles of glee.

Many people love the breads,
Nani, Daisy, and Johnny too,
Oven fresh, bread and cakes,
Warm soft buns to deep in stew.

Quality is their recipe,
Rest assured they serve the best,
Satisfaction is guaranteed,
Take a bite, you’ll be impressed.

Unicorn cakes of all colours,
Violet, blue, red and green,
Warm puffs, cookies and others,
X Bakery, is the place.

Yes, come along to X Bakery,
Zigzag cakes… oh, so tasty!


NaPoWriMo Poem #9: Sleep

Sleep, sleep,
It’s time to sleep,
Not gonna wake up,
Till the alarm clock beeps.

Sleep, sleep,
I need to sleep,
To lie on the bed,
And start counting sheep.

Sleep, sleep,
Just go to sleep,
Just close your eyes,
And do not peep!