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ahmadalikarim.wordpress.com Is Blocked Because Of Malware!


Please click the picture above for a larger image.

Google Chrome had blocked access to my primary blog, Ahmad Ali Karim’s Weblog (ahmadalikarim.wordpress.com) since yesterday, February 1, 2013 suspecting malware.

I took out the widget that caused the problem but the above warning is still on whenever I try to open my blog.

I am very sad because I had started my blog since August 2008 when I was 5 and until now my total views is already 518,339.

A screenshot of my stats today.

A screenshot of my stats today, please click the picture for a larger image.

I really hope somebody can help me.

I want to thank my big sisters Kaman and Kashah for helping me and blogger Paneh Miang and my good friend Tedi for their advises.

I do not want to lose my blog, so please help me.

Meanwhile, I’ll be writing my post from this blog.

Please support me.