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Degilnya The Malaysian Insider

The Malaysian Insider’s site was blocked by Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) on the 25th of February 2016.

Malaysian Insider BLOCKED

But they opened a mirror site with the URL, themalaysianoutsider.com and told everyone to use that site instead.

Malaysian Insider BLOCKED2

Today I saw that The Malaysian Insider(TMI) posted this on their Facebook page:

Malaysian Insider BLOCKED4

I checked themalaysianinsider.wordpress.com today, and this is what I get:

Malaysian Insider BLOCKED3

Will TMI make more and more mirror sites to prove that it does not respect the law?

TMI had been accusing that the Malaysian Prime Minister is involved in corruptions which are against the law and that TMI is fair and against any wrongdoing.

But is TMI obeying the law when they cheated and opened mirror sites of the blocked portal?

The Malaysian Insider should walk the talk…