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3 Killed In Cameron Highlands Mud Flood

Ringlet in Cameron Highlands had been hit by a mud flood, killing three people including two foreigners.

The victims were Tan Tuck Choi, 51 years old,  Kesmat Iduan, 46 from Indonesia and a Bangladeshi, Md Jahangir Alam Fazlor Rahman who was around 30 years old.

According to NST, the body of Kesmat Iduan, 46 from Indonesia will be flown back to her homeland for funeral arrangements.

NST reported that the victim who died on the way to hospital has been identified as Tan Tuck Choi, 51.

One person, Jarwati from Indonesia is still missing.

Land clearing for farms has caused land erosion and heavy sedimentation in the Sultan Abu Bakar dam at Ringlet in Cameron Highlands.