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Krisis Air By #NoDirectionShow

A few days ago, as I went downstairs I saw my big sister Kashah using the computer.

She called me to show something interesting from Papagomo.

Kashah then played a video that Papagomo embedded into one of his posts.

It was a parody of “What Makes You Beautiful”, a song by the band named One Directions.

It is changed into “Krisis Air” (Water Crisis) which is a very serious problem faced by the people of Selangor.

The new lyrics fix just nice to the music and tempo of the real song that one may think that it is an original song.

I really enjoy the video clip, especially when they jump because they look so cute.

(Please click here for a new video-clip by #NoDirectionShow, Cerita Pasal Tanah)

Here is the video…

ahmadalikarim.wordpress.com Is Blocked Because Of Malware!


Please click the picture above for a larger image.

Google Chrome had blocked access to my primary blog, Ahmad Ali Karim’s Weblog (ahmadalikarim.wordpress.com) since yesterday, February 1, 2013 suspecting malware.

I took out the widget that caused the problem but the above warning is still on whenever I try to open my blog.

I am very sad because I had started my blog since August 2008 when I was 5 and until now my total views is already 518,339.

A screenshot of my stats today.

A screenshot of my stats today, please click the picture for a larger image.

I really hope somebody can help me.

I want to thank my big sisters Kaman and Kashah for helping me and blogger Paneh Miang and my good friend Tedi for their advises.

I do not want to lose my blog, so please help me.

Meanwhile, I’ll be writing my post from this blog.

Please support me.