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Will PAS Join The Opposition Bloc After Jeff Ooi’s Tweet?

PAS’ spiritual leader, Allahyarham Dato’ Dr Haji Haron Din died in California and was buried yesterday in Livermore.

Relating to the news, DAP’s MP of Jelutong, Jeff Ooi tweeted:


After such a rude tweet, it is very clear that not only DAP has no respect for the late PAS leader, but it also has no respect for the PAS leaderships who had voted Allahyarham Dato’ Dr Haji Haron Din as the spiritual leader of the party.

PAS previously said that it is still unsure if it would join the opposition bloc that is led by DAP to fight against the government, Barisan Nasional.


Now, isn’t it clear for PAS that it should not work together with the opposition bloc that is led by DAP?

I really hope that PAS will make a wise decision.

Selangorku: Khalid Ibrahim Keluar PKR?

Nowadays, it has been raining very heavily in Selangor every evening, so heavy that it caused flash floods in some areas.

Flash floods and mud floods in Balakong and Batu 11, Cheras - The Star, April 26, 2014.

Flash floods and mud floods in Balakong and Batu 11, Cheras – The Star, April 26, 2014.

But sadly, despite the rains and flash floods, the taps are still dry in Selangor…

Image from AIDC

Image from AIDC

…the situation had caused some people to be very, very, angry…

From Jeff Ooi's Facebook.

From Jeff Ooi’s Facebook.

…and very, very sad…

A sad, dry sink tap... I wonder who made it sad...  (Image credit to  Helen Ang)

A sad, dry tap… I wonder why is it feeling so sad… May be it felt cheated by the Selangor government’s false promises. (Image credit to Helen Ang – helenang.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/dun-sgor-perlukan-hanya-seorang-sahaja-adun-melompat-untuk-ia-segera-tumbang/)

And sometimes when there is water, this is what we get…

"Hello!" says the 'Air Karat'

“Hello!” says the rusty water. (Image credit to Helen Ang).

But crisis can also make people becomes very creative…

No wonder he wants to meet Obama so much... (Image credit to  Helen Ang)

No wonder Anwar wanted to meet Obama so badly… (Image credit to Darul Ehsan Today)

This is what Anwar wanted President Obama to see – how Selangor government helps people create new inventions…

 (Image credit to  Helen Ang)

(Image credit to Darul Ehsan Today)

Creative inventions and innovations create more businesses and good for the economy.

Well, Anwar made Khalid Ibrahim worked too hard to improve the economy of the Selangor’s residents…

I wonder if he cries at home. And maybe until he can't go to sleep...

He works so hard that he did not have much time  to sleep…

…until sometimes he got too tired, that he fell asleep during a press conference…

... So he must sleep during the press confrence and dreamt about water crisis...

… MB of Selangor fell asleep during a press conference…

Maybe Khalid should take a rest and watch this video…

Wow… it works! Khalid is feeling better and cheerful now… but wait, he has found a new friend?

...since he and Najib are good friends...

See, how happy Khalid is with Najib…


Jeff Ooi, “Sack That Selangor MB”


From Jeff Ooi’s Facebook.


DAP’s MP of Jelutong, Jeff Ooi, wants the Selangor MB to be sacked because of the water crisis issue.

But must we blame the water crisis on Khalid alone?

What about the Selangor Exco members?

Aren’t they supposed to take care of Selangor too?

And what about the good governance that the oppositions are talking about?

If the opposition parties failed to solve the water problems in Selangor, how could they govern a country?

As Jeff Ooi wrote,

“We never faced water rationing as protracted like this before, not even during BN days. 

Hmm… now, even an opposition leader knows that BN took care of Selangor better than they are doing now.

But I won’t be surprise if later on UMNO or BN will be blamed for their failure to solve this problem 🙂