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Photos: Typhoon Usagi Hit Southern China, 25 Killed

Typhoon Usagi slammed into southern China on Sunday evening. 

Nanfang Daily reported that the typhoon made a landfall at 7:40 p.m. yesterday in Shanwei city in Guangdong province after veered away from Hong Kong at the last minute.

Australia Network News reported that at least twenty-five people were killed in the China’s southern coast, including thirteen in Shanwei which is in the eastern fringes of Guangdong province. 

The typhoon brings very strong wind, storm surge and heavy rains that could cause flooding and landslides.

Xinhua reported that in Shanwei city, the strong winds blew cars off the road near a gas station and houses were toppled.

Flights to and from Hong Kong and three mainland airports were canceled.

Ferry services around the area were also canceled, while Fujian province suspended shipping between mainland China and Taiwan.

Xinhua reported that intercity trains including the high-speed rail to Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong would remain suspended until Tuesday.

Thousands of people were evacuated from coastal areas and temporary shelters were opened.

Hong Kong delayed the opening of markets, banks and schools.

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd. said it scrapped morning trading Monday.

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Breathtaking Photos Of Kai Tak Airport Glory Days By Daryl Chapman

There was once a busy international airport in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong named Hong Kong Kai Tak International Airport (Kai Tak).

The airport was in the middle of the city with tall buildings all around and where people drive and walk to their office.

Before it was closed in 1998, Kai Tak was regarded as one of the most difficult airports in the world for pilots to fly in and out of.

It is very dangerous because the aeroplanes may hit the high buildings around the airport .

Cathay Pacific Airways’ general manager of operations and pilot, Russell Davie said:

“As a pilot it was totally unique, it was the only major airport in the world that required a 45-degree turn below 500 feet to line up with the runway, literally flying between the high-rise buildings passing close to the famous orange and white checker board as you made that final turn toward the runway.”

Here are some of the photos of the aeroplanes from the airport and the ones that are going to Kai Tak in Kowloon Bay…

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