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To Put A child In Danger Is A Violation To The Rights Of The Child!

Credit to blog Cucu Tok selampit.

A video of a father ‘helping’ his young son to cross a dangerous broken bridge over a river in Pahang went viral on the internet, followed by multiple criticism towards the government!

What surprises me is that the video was recorded by the boy’s mother, with a caption implying as if that is the only way for him to go to school when there are safer alternative routes other than the broken bridge, and there are even boats provided when the routes are flooded!

When the ADUN of Jelai, YB Wan Rosdy visited the father to discuss over the matter, the latter apologised for the video.

It was proven that the construction of a new bridge was already scheduled to be started this month.

Now what are the parents trying to prove by doing such a foolish and dangerous act? 

Does neither the father nor the mother care about the child’s safety?

The parents had violated the right of their child by putting him in danger.

Children must be protected and not put in danger for what ever reason what more, unnecessarily as what happened in this case.

Will those human rights lawyers say something about this?