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Yusuf Islam’s “Why I Still Carry A Guitar”

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It was a surprise when Uncle Zulkifli Noordin told me last Thursday, that he had asked Yusuf Islam to sign his new book, “Why I Still Carry A Guitar” for me.

I was so excited because I enjoy Yusuf Islam’s song like his alphabet song and I think that he has a beautiful voice.

Uncle Zul said that he’ll be sending me the book personally; and I just can’t wait to read the book!


On Sunday evening I heard the door bell ringing and to my surprise I saw Uncle Zul smiling at the gate holding a brown envelope.

I was so excited to see Uncle Zul and I was sure that the book was in the brown envelope.

The book is an auto biography of Yusuf Islam, what made him become a singer, why and how he converted to Islam and becomes Yusuf Islam from Cat Stevens and what made him sings again.

I truly enjoy reading the book even though I do not agree with what Yusuf Islam thinks about the Arab Spring.

It is amazing how he got to know Islam and what made him converted to Islam at the time when he was a very popular singer.

He wrote that after he becomes a Muslim, he once thought that music is forbidden in Islam but then he knew that it is okay and so he started singing and writing nasyids.

I want to thank Uncle Zul for giving me “Why I Still Carry A Guitar” signed by Yusuf Islam, it is a really special present – a special book written by a special person and given to me by an even more special person.

I really enjoyed reading the book and I don’t mind reading it again.