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Thankful, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

Happy blue birds,
Flying merrily together,
Across deer herds,
Over Tehama County.

Happy blue birds,
Hunting for food,
Found some curds,
Over piles of fruits.

Happy blue birds,
Back in their nests,
They were lost of words,
Of how joyful they feel!

A Story Of A Bird Named Usraft – A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim

It was a very cold, dark, rainy night. A blue bird was flying home in the heavy rain. With its wings all wet and it’s talons injured, the blue bird flew very low over a hedge.

As it was struggling to fly against the cold, strong wind, a red car drove past the hedge, running over a big puddle by the roadside.

“SPLOSH!” a big splash of water hit the poor blue bird and knocked it to the ground.

The car stopped by the roadside and a man named Ahmad came out of the car. He walked over and picked up the injured bird. He carried the poor bird to his car and he quickly drove home.

As soon as Ahmad reached his house, he laid a clean towel on his dinning table and gently, he dried the poor, cold bird. Ahmad took out a roll of bandage and bandaged the bird’s two injured talons. Then, he fed the hungry bird before putting it in a small bird-cage.

Early the next morning, Ahmad went to the kitchen to have his breakfast. He was greeted by his three cats, Kalarta, Stripsla and Visla.

“Hi! Good morning,” said Ahmad cheerfully to his cats before he prepared his breakfast. He remembered the blue bird and walked over to the cage where the injured blue bird was sleeping. Suddenly he remembered the birdseed that he had bought the week before. He took out the birdseed and fed the bird before washing his hands and ate his breakfast.

After breakfast, Ahmad walked over to the bird’s cage followed by his cats.

“Hello, Usraft,” said Ahmad to the blue bird. Ahmad opened the cage door and let the bird flew around the house. The blue bird was very happy to be out of the cage but it was hard for it to perch as it’s talons were injured.

Ahmad put the bird back in its cage and went back to his dinning table. He took out his laptop to search more information about bird’s talons. Then he searched on how to heal an injured bird talon. He found what he was looking for and he started reading about it. Then he followed the instructions and treated Usraft.

After a week, Ahmad unwrapped the bandage to see if Usraft’s talons were healed. And they did! Ahmad was happy and so was Usraft. Ahmad took Usraft out to the garden and let the bird flew freely outside. The blue bird flew happily around the garden. Then it flew back to where Ahmad was standing and perched on Ahmad’s shoulder.

“Good boy,” said Ahmad to the blue bird. He took it inside and put a red tag around Usraft’s right ankle to mark that it is Usraft. Then Ahmad took Usraft back to the garden to set it free.

“So long, my friend, until we meet again. I won’t forget you!” said Ahmad sadly before setting the bird free. Ahmad was quite sad to free the blue bird, but he knew that it was the right thing to do.

A day later, as Ahmad was gardening in his garden, a car stopped in front of his house as if its tire was punctured. Ahmad walked to the car to see if  he could help the driver. But instead of a punctured tire, he saw a blue bird lying motionless on the car’s bonnet. And then he saw the red tag around its ankle.

It was Usraft! The poor blue bird might had flown to his house to visit him when he collided with the car. Ahmad took up the bird gently but there was nothing that he could do to help Usraft. Ahmad was very sad to see his very first bird friend killed in an accident but he knew that nothing can live forever.

The end


My Special Pet Bird

A very special contest,
Is to be held today,
During the apple fest,
Which started yesterday.

I need to do this,
And I had to do that,
I ate a piece of cheese,
That I kept in my pocket.

Next I was asked to draw,
Then I was told to paint,
So I drew a very big claw,
And I painted something quaint.

The prize is a golden vest,
And on it is a special crest,
Guess who won the contest?
It’s my pet bird in it’s nest!

It made such a great work of art,
That made the judges very proud,
My pet bird drew a cute little cart,
And painted a fluffy, cottony cloud!

I gave it it’s favorite bird food,
As a prize for winning the contest,
Then I gave it a little velvet hood,
Before I put it back in its cozy nest.

I still get the vest, by the way,
For the special little bird is mine,
And the bird can’t wear it anyway,
But the vest fits me just fine.

I was so proud of my cute little bird,
For winning such a special contest,
My surprised friends can’t say a word,
But we agree that the bird is the best!

A Breakfast – A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

A giant clock tower struck at number nine.

Flocks of birds flew around in a straight line.

A car passed by as the birds flew to the east.

The birds flew up high thinking that it was a beast.


The car then stopped at house number four.

The driver walked out and knocked on the door.

The door flew open and out came his sister,

Who gave hugs and kisses to his little brother.


He went in for a breakfast with his little niece,

They ate bread and jam and played with a geese.

Until they are very tired and felt very thirsty,

They went inside and drank some hot tea.