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Secret Exposed – How BN Flew In Phantom Voters

Anwar accused that the ruling Barisan Nasional had brought in more than 40,000 phantom voters to vote for BN during the PRU13. 

Prime Minister Najib Razak answered:

“Mereka bawa cerita kononnya kita mengimport 40,000 Mat Bangla untuk mengundi dalam pilihan raya. Kalau nak bawa 40,000 Mat Bangla, sebuah Jumbo muatannya 400 bererti 100 buah Jumbo terpaksa mendarat di lapangan terbang. Saya nak tanya kepada pembangkang, tunjuk di mana ada 100 buah jumbo yang telah mendarat di lapangan terbang kita.”

But PM Najib did not know that Anwar had found out BN’s secret …


TADDAAA! This is how BN flew in the “Banglas” to Malaysia from Bangladesh :mrgreen: (Image from Pisau.Net)

But after I saw the photo, I’m scared if there will be Banglas falling down from the sky and worst if there will be a rain of Mat Banglas …

Video: CheguBard Di Tipu Anwar/ CheguBard Tricked By Anwar?

The video above is about PKR’s Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) candidate for N21 Sungai Acheh, Badrul Hisham Shahrin or CheguBard who confessed that he was tricked by the PR leader and advisor, Dato’ Seri Anwar Bin Ibrahim.

At 0:37 of the video, CheguBard said:

“Isu pemilihan kena tipu teruk… lepas tu nak gula-gulakan I… dia nak gula-gulakan I isu pemilihan, penipuan la, apa semua baru-baru ini oleh Anwar …”

He said he was tricked by Anwar in some issues regarding the election.

CheguBard also said that to make him feel better, Anwar Ibrahim ‘offered him salary’ and promised to promote him to become the deputy secretary-general of PKR.

The video proves that Anwar is not an honest man that he even tricked and cheated his own man.

What a cruel man is Anwar when he tricked a man who had done so much for him, like doing lots of dirty jobs to make the Malaysian youth hate the government …

Will PKR leaders, members and supporters, CheguBard, Anwar Ibrahim and PKR’s allies deny that it was CheguBard speaking in this video and claim that this is another of UMNO’s dirty tricks or ‘konspirasi UMNO’?

That is why we should not vote for PAKATAN RAKYAT!