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Mr. Bear – A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

One happy bear,
Playing by a lake,
In a little town,
Named Bartlebake.

The black bear loves to swim,
And sometimes dives inside,
That one specific lake,
Which in it, fishes hide.

The fishes are scared,
Of the big black bear,
But they do not know,
That the bear’s heart is fair.

Naughty Black Cat, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

A naughty black cat,
Walking down a lane,
It saw a white cat,
Whose name was Little Jane,

Little Jane had thick fur,
And very fluffy too,
In its mouth was a fish,
Which it was just about to chew.

The black cat was hungry,
It wanted the fish,
It pounced on Little Jane,
And ate its fish with a swish.

Die schwarz Katze

Die schwarz Katze by Ahmad Ali Karim.

NaPoWriMo Poem #25: A Sad Little Joey

One little kangaroo,
Living in a zoo,
Poor little one,
Feeling so blue.

It wants to be free,
It wants to run away,
It just does not like,
Being captured all day.

Then a good news,
Comes to the joey,
It’s going to be freed,
To be with it’s mother, Chloe.

File:Kangaroo and joey03.jpg

NaPoWriMo Poem #23: Poor Little Bear

  🐻 🐻 🐻

Poor little bear,
Sitting in the sun,
His friends ran away,
And so left none.

He looked to his right,
He saw a black cat,
That made him wonder,
“Is that a bat?”

He heard some noises,
But he saw no one,
And then came his friends,
With plates of hot buns.

  🐻 🐻 🐻

NaPoWriMo Poem #7: Colourful Nature


Crows are black,
Skies are blue,
Zebras have stripes,
Some live in zoo.

Horses are black,
Or maybe white,
Cats are lovable,
But they can bite.

Leaves are green,
Trunks are brown,
Have you seen a lemur,
Wearing a crown?

The world famous lemor, King Julian.

The world famous lemur, King Julian.

NaPoWriMo Poem #2: Nice Animals

Cats are cute and cuddly,
As cute as little stuffed toy,
Joe loves to sleep with one,
Then he’ll wake up with joy.

Horses are strong and beautiful,
But don’t think I could ride one,
They’re too tall for me to mount,
And there’s other things to be done.

Lemurs are sweet like squirrels,
And they are so cute and carefree,
Wait, lemur sounds very familiar,
Of course, I’ve seen one on TV!

The world famous lemor, King Julian.

The most famous lemur, King Julien.