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Happy Anniversary Ahmad Ali Karim’s Weblog!


Happy Anniversary!

NaPoWriMo Poem #10: Ahmad Ali Karim’s Weblog Ads

Today I’m following the optional prompt by NaPoWriMo which is to use a poem to advertise something. So here it is…

I opened the front door, early yesterday,
And I saw a note, this is what it said,
“Sorry sir, no newspaper today…
And I was shock, “No newspaper today?”note

I panicky turned, around and around,
“I need the news, oh, what should I do?”,
I surfed the internet and this is what I found,
A little blog site filled with lots of news.

This morning, I read the breaking news,
An ugly mass stabbing in Murrysville Pennsylvania,
Not only news but there’s much more to choose,
What to read, from Ahmad Ali Karim’s Weblog!

ahmadalikarim.wordpress.com Is Blocked Because Of Malware!


Please click the picture above for a larger image.

Google Chrome had blocked access to my primary blog, Ahmad Ali Karim’s Weblog (ahmadalikarim.wordpress.com) since yesterday, February 1, 2013 suspecting malware.

I took out the widget that caused the problem but the above warning is still on whenever I try to open my blog.

I am very sad because I had started my blog since August 2008 when I was 5 and until now my total views is already 518,339.

A screenshot of my stats today.

A screenshot of my stats today, please click the picture for a larger image.

I really hope somebody can help me.

I want to thank my big sisters Kaman and Kashah for helping me and blogger Paneh Miang and my good friend Tedi for their advises.

I do not want to lose my blog, so please help me.

Meanwhile, I’ll be writing my post from this blog.

Please support me.