Will PAS Join The Opposition Bloc After Jeff Ooi’s Tweet?

PAS’ spiritual leader, Allahyarham Dato’ Dr Haji Haron Din died in California and was buried yesterday in Livermore.

Relating to the news, DAP’s MP of Jelutong, Jeff Ooi tweeted:


After such a rude tweet, it is very clear that not only DAP has no respect for the late PAS leader, but it also has no respect for the PAS leaderships who had voted Allahyarham Dato’ Dr Haji Haron Din as the spiritual leader of the party.

PAS previously said that it is still unsure if it would join the opposition bloc that is led by DAP to fight against the government, Barisan Nasional.


Now, isn’t it clear for PAS that it should not work together with the opposition bloc that is led by DAP?

I really hope that PAS will make a wise decision.

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