At Last, Show Cause Letter For Saifuddin Abdullah

Former Temerloh MP, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah Saifuddin was sent a show cause letter from UMNO for attending a new political party coalition, Pakatan Harapan’s launching on September 22, 2015.

The new coalition is a re-branding of the defunct unregistered Pakatan Rakyat that replaced PAS with a new party formed by ex-PAS leaders who lost their party positions in the last PAS election.

As a veteran politician, he must understands not to do things against his party’s policy even though TMI reported that he was there as a representative of Akedemi Belia, an NGO led by him.

I do not understand why UMNO has not taken any action against him when he keeps on doing lots of things against UMNO.

So will Saifuddin be sacked from UMNO? 

Looking back at what he did, Saifuddin deserves to be sacked after taking part in programs by the opposition parties that attacked UMNO/BN and making statements that were against his party.


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