Bersih: “It Is The Duty Of DBKL To Clean Up”

The Bersih 4 demonstrators left trash around the city of Kuala Lumpur after their illegal demonstration ended.

When warned that the organisers of Bersih 4 could be asked to pay a RM65,000 clean-up bill, its leader, Maria Chin told Malay Mail Online that:

“We haven’t receive anything yet but it’ll be disappointing if it comes because it is the duty of DBKL to clean up and our volunteers tried our best to clean up as much as possible.”

“They also forget that it is DBKL’s duty to clean up the city so they should be cleaning up anyways.” – The Malay Mail Online.

How could Maria Chin made such a rude and unfair statement?

Does she has any respect for the DBKL workers?

They are not Bersih’s employers who were paid to clean up after their illegal and dirty demonstration.

Of course, it is DBKL’s duty to clean up the city; but littering in the city is an offence and those who litter can be fined.

So, it is an offence for the demonstrators to leave trash around the city after their illegal demonstration, but instead of taking her responsibility as a leader, Maria told DBKL to clean up as if they are employed by Bersih.

She is responsible for the mess left by the demonstrators of her own illegal demonstration but she is putting the responsibility on others.

Bersih demands for a fair election but Bersih’s leader is not a fair person; in fact her statement shows that she is a very irresponsible person.

She must learn to be fair to others before asking others to be fair.

The demonstrators should be ashamed of themselves to have such a leader if they are sane enough to think wisely.

Not only they participated in an illegal demonstration and litter on the streets which is against the law, their leader does not feel sorry and has no respect for the DBKL workers for the extra works caused by them; just because, “it is DBKL’s duty to clean up the city so they should be cleaning up anyways.”

I think the organisers should call their illegal demonstration Kotor 4 instead of Bersih 4 because not only they do not understand how to obey the law, they also fail to understand that others do not like them to dirty our city.

bersih 4 poster

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