NaPoWriMo Poem #1: Essay, Too Hard To Live On The Moon

I guess it’s too hard to live on the moon
I guess it’s too hard to move to the moon
I guess it’s too hard to start space exploring
I guess it’s too hard to begin space exploring
I guess we might never live on the moon
I guess we’re not fit to live on the moon
I guess we couldn’t afford to buy a spaceship anyway
I guess we’re not suited to be moon explorers
I guess we’ll never live on the moon
I guess moon is not in the cards now
I guess mom wouldn’t make a good moon explorer
I guess I can’t expect we’ll ever live on the moon now
I guess I’ll have to give up all my dreams of living on the moon
I guess I’ll never live on the moon now
We couldn’t build a spaceship anyway though Kowalski build one in Central Park Zoo
Maybe someday I’ll build a Lego spaceship
I guess living on the moon is really out
Playing with aliens, walking between the miles of rows of moon rocks
I guess moon exploring is just too difficult
We’ll never live on the moon
Too much work and still to be poets
Who are the astronaut poets
Was there ever a poet who went to the moon
Neil Armstrong went to the moon
And Buzz Aldrin has gone to the moon too
Pete Conrad went there too
But none of them are poets
Someone told me Alan Bean had been painting
No poets are real-life astronauts
If Alan Shepard could be a test pilot and Ed Mitchell too,
Why not a poet who was also an astronaut
Of course David Scott wrote a book
And John Young published an autobiography
Perhaps some of them can become poets
I guess poets tend to live more momentarily
Than life on space would allow
You could never have free time to write a poetry
Or to join NaPoWriMo every April
I may want to go to the moon but my mother was right
I should never have tried to jump to the moon
Unless I can convince myself the cow really did jump over the moon
That we can all just jump to the moon
It’ll be very easy and we’ll pay nothing
Or worry crashing and unable to survive
Some might jump even higher and reach the stars
If we can just dream and imagine endlessly

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