“A Dream Or A Reality?” A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

The sun rises,
As dawn arrives,
The Saracen archers fires,
Several arrows into the sky.

The enemies on the other side,
Retreats due to their fear,
The cavalries rejoice with their pride,
After the field is blank and empty.

The Byzantine archers are now ready,
On the tower they take their places,
Not realising that the enemies,
Are already surrounding them.

“Retreat now!” orders their leader,
To the archers on the tower,
“But we have no fear!”
Says an archer aiming at the enemy.

He pulls the string to shoot his enemies,
But his arrow falls to the ground,
He can’t believe what he sees,
As he wakes up in surprise.

“It was just a dream after all,”
The Byzantine archer laughs,
Looking through his little window,
He’s shocked to see Saracen invading!


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