Khairy, A Trojan Horse?


There is a leader who hold three important posts in the government of Malaysia as well as in his party.

His name is Khairy Jamaluddin, and he is the Sports and Youth Minister, the UMNO Youth Chief and the Member of Parliament of Rembau.

As a youth leader of his party, he must understand which party he is representing and who are the members of his political party.

On September 3, 2014, he launched Proham secretary-general, Datuk Dr. Denision Jayasooria’s biography at the DUMC.

There are three things I must say about this:

  1. Dr Denison is one of COMANGO‘s activists.
    So why must Khairy launch a biography of an activist who is fighting against the Federal Constitution and the policies of Khairy’s political party, especially ‘ketuanan Melayu’ and Islam as in the 2011 DUMC case, kalimah Allah issue, bible issue, Article 3(1), Article 121(1A), Article 153, Article 160 and others? Khairy COMANGO has lots of agendas against the government and is fighting for the opposition party to take over the Malaysian government.

  2. DUMC is a church.
    Why in the world a Muslim leader like Khairy Jamaluddin must go inside a church, just to launch such a book? If Khairy does not bother about the sensitivity and feelings of the Malays who are represented by UMNO and who voted for Khairy’s party in the GE13, why can’t Khairy, as a Muslim ask for the book launch to be held in another place instead of a church?

  3. And why DUMC?
    Has Khairy forgotten the DUMC case where on the 4th day of Ramadhan 1432/2011, JAIS received a report that there were Muslims attending a church program at DUMC and they were having dinner even before Maghrib? So JAIS went there to investigate, but were stopped by the church’s people. JAIS, UMNO and the government were badly condemned and blamed by the Christians, opposition parties’ leaders and also activists who are now involved in COMANGO, when according to the law JAIS did the right thing.

Is Khairy an UMNO leader who really does not care about the dignity of Islam, the feelings and the sensitivity of the Muslims who voted for UMNO which made it possible for him to become a minister?

Please do not hurt the feelings of those who support UMNO in order to be popular among those who hate UMNO.

I hope his boss’ll remind him to remember, understand and uphold the 7 Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu.

Please click for larger image. (Photo credit to Uncle Zul Noordin's blog, zul4kulim).

2 thoughts on “Khairy, A Trojan Horse?

  1. Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria

    Dear Ahmad Ali, I would like to encourage you to purchase a copy of this book at MPH Bangsar or Mid valley or go on to MPH on line.

    Please read it first and then draw your conclusions especially on many of the public policy issues I have highlighted.

    You can purchase the latest issue of the heat and read a story of me and my role in Malaysian society :

    You could also listen to BFM 89.9 on Monday sept 8 at 3pm to hear my live interview on my book

    You have drawn conclusions which are not truthful about me and the event I hosted. We are all Malaysians and we believe in upholding the Federal Constitution and the Rukunnegara

    We can meet and chat as well so as to build a better Malaysia for all Malaysians.


    1. ahmadalikarim Post author

      Dear Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria,
      Thank you for writing but I guess you did not read my post. First, I did not write a review or anything about your book. If you read my post, you can see that I did not criticise your book. I questioned why must Khairy Jamaluddin as the Ketua Pemuda UMNO went to DUMC just to launch your book; please read my post to understand why I posted those questions to the Ketua Pemuda UMNO.
      re: “You have drawn conclusions which are not truthful about me and the event I hosted.”
      I did not write anything about you or the event except writing that you are a PROHAM secretary-general and a human rights activist and the event was held at the DUMC. Am I wrong about the facts? Is PROHAM against COMANGO?
      re: ” We are all Malaysians and we believe in upholding the Federal Constitution and the Rukunnegara”
      Does COMANGO uphold the Federal Constitution? Please read this article on COMANGO’s demand during the UPR process.
      And is fighting for people to be free to become atheists is not against the Rukun Negara? And is fighting against Article 11(4), Article 153 and others articles of the Federal Constitution is part of Kesetiaan Kepada Raja Dan Negara and Keluruhan Perlembagaan? And how about the NGO that wants to name itself ‘Negara-Ku’, is it part of Kedaulatan Undang-undang? And are false accusations and calling others names human rights NGOs are part of Kesopanan Dan Kesusilaan?
      RUU Harmoni by NUCC hurts lots of Muslims who voted for UMNO.

      Please listen to what Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said…

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