From Kid To Kids: Too Much Sun Is Bad For Us

During the very hot weather, the direct heat from the sun can be bad for our health.

So, if it gets too hot, kids like you and me should not play in the sun for a long time.

And if you want to go out, it is wise to wear a cap or a hat to cover your head from the sun to avoid sun stroke.

Wide-brimmed hats in light colours are better because they help keep the sun from warming our head and neck.

Wear light clothing such as cotton in light colours, not only we’ll feel more comfortable but they also help to avoid our body temperature from raising too high.

In this weather, we must avoid doing heavy exercise during daylight hours especially in direct sunlight.

Please drink lots of liquids like water and juice because that is a good way to prevent ourselves from dehydration.

Yummy strawberry yoghurt drink looks as good as its taste. To learn how to make this tasty drink, please click: Delicious Strawberry Yoghurt Drink Recipe-With Pictures.

Anyway, please avoid drinking too much carbonated drinks that have lots of sugar and try to drink something healthier like fresh young coconut water and fresh fruit juice which are not only very good for us but are also very tasty.

Fresh coconut water fresh from the coconut is yummy and very good for us.

Fresh coconut water fresh from the coconut is yummy and very good for us.

Lastly, please have a good rest and please get enough sleep.

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