Live On-Air On eWana.FM

WP_20140307_01_08_41_ProLast night, I was live on-air in Uncle Nizal Mohammad’s radio show, ‘When the Night Falls-Bila Larut Malam’ together with my parents and big sisters. It was the first time for me to be on-air on a radio show. I was so excited and I felt like it was a dream.

My sisters and I planned to sing the song, ‘Alhamdulillah’ by Dawud Wharnsby-Ali and I only had less than two days to practice because I was at the Palace of Justice for about half of the day on Wednesday. At first I could not get the tempo right for I kept singing too fast but after practising, I got much better and I was very happy.

On the way to the radio studio, we decided to sing the song but because I was so nervous thinking about we would be singing live on-air, my tune went all wrong and I was really scared if I would be singing that badly on radio. 

When we reached the studio, Uncle Nizal was at the staircase to greet us. He welcomed us in and introduced us to everybody and introduced everybody to us. After we were seated, we started to sing the song again and when Uncle Nizal and his colleagues heard us singing, they decided to record the song and to air it before the show started.

So we went to the conti to record the song. I was so, so scared and suddenly I felt that I wasn’t ready. Anyway I tried my best and everything went well as we sang the song.

Then the show started and when Uncle Nizal asked me the first question, I felt very nervous again. I tried to calm down as I held up the microphone to answer the question. After answering a few questions, I felt better and started to enjoy myself.

We talked about our hobbies, ambitions, our blogs, about writing and others. It was fun because Uncle Nizal knows how to make us feel relaxed and calm. Uncle Nizal is fun to talk to and he is a wonderful DJ.

I learned a lot from the experience. It was not that easy because it was a live show, and as we were not told what were going to be asked, we had to think fast to answer the questions. There were people who thought that we were given scripts for the show but actually the questions were candid and I did not bring any notes with me.

Thank you Uncle Nizal, for giving me the chance to be on-air. I really hope that I could be on a radio show again or hopefully on a TV show in the future. Hopefully Uncle Nizal will have me in his other shows 🙂

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