The Lego Movie Review


The Lego Movie was released in Malaysia on February 6, 2014.

On February 12, 2014, I watched the movie at TGV Cinemas, Wangsa Walk Mall.

From left is my big sister Kashah, me and my big sister Kafah wearing our 3D glasses before the movie started.

From left is my big sister Kashah, me and my big sister Kafah wearing our 3D glasses before the movie started.

It was really fun to watch the movie. There are lots and lots of funny scenes that we almost never stopped laughing throughout the whole movie. And the movie was far better than what I expected from watching the movie trailer on the internet. The best thing about watching The Lego Movie was that the movie was so entertaining that there was no boring moment at all.

Almost the whole scene was created using Lego bricks, the splashing water, fire and almost everything and they looked like real Lego. I find it very impressive to see how they created the movie using Lego character as the casts and how the animation was so real that they look just like the real Lego. They do not forget simple details like Lego figure’s hair that can be taken out from the figure’s head. So it becomes so real, like the way we play our Lego sets.

The animation is awesome and very beautiful especially with the 3D effect.

There is only one song in the movie, ‘Everything Is Awesome’, and the song is a very catchy song that we sang it all the way home after the movie.

The moral of the movie is to be creative and not only depending on manuals or instructions to do or build something. When we build things using Lego bricks, we can also build other things from the sets that we have and not only build the things that are shown in the instructions given.

But of course, I think that while it is fun to build something out of our own creativity, we must also learn to build things by following the instructions given. As in life, while being creative is good, there are times when we have to strictly follow the rules and instructions. There is no total freedom in life because if everybody is free to do anything they like, the world will be in a real mess.

Congratulations to Lego for creating such a very wonderful movie that could entertain both children and adults, either watching it alone or together with family and friends.

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