A Great Birthday Surprise

On Wednesday, a day before my birthday, my big sisters and my father planned a birthday surprise for me, but I did not suspect anything since it was not yet my birthday.

My mother told us to get ready because we were going out but she did not tell us where we were going. I did not suspect anything and I thought that we were going out for grocery shopping.

My father drove us to the Wangsa Walk Mall which made me wonder why for it is a place that we rarely go to. We entered the mall and followed my father walking here and there and I kept on asking my mother why were we at the mall. Then after we took the elevator to the upper floor, my dad walked toward the TGV Cinemas.

I was so excited and asked my mother if my father was going to take us to a movie but my mother pretended that she has no idea about it. My father walked up the small steps towards the cinema halls while my big sister Kaman and my mother bought some big cups of popcorn and some drinks.

At that moment I knew that we were going to watch a movie but nobody wanted to tell me what movie we were going to watch. After taking the 3D glasses, we walked to one of the cinema halls, took our seats and then the lights turned off.

From left is my big sister Kashah, me, and my big sister Kafah wearing our 3D glasses before the movie started.

From left is my big sister Kashah, me, and my big sister Kafah wearing our 3D glasses before the movie started.

And at last, after lots of advertisements the movie started. It was the new Lego Movie which I wanted to watch since the first time I watched its trailer last year. I was so excited!

The Lego Movie is about a Lego construction worker named Emmet. One day, he saw a stranger around the construction site. Emmet tried to investigate but fell into a hole. After falling through a long tunnel, he saw a relic and heard a voice from it, calling for him. It told Emmet to touch it and after touching it, he somehow fell unconscious and had some visions.

When he woke up, he was already in a police station and then a multi personality police officer asked him lots of questions. Then the person who he saw at the construction site saved him and told him that he is the special one and a master builder. He also discovered that the relic was to save the world.

So the rest of the movie is about Emmet’s great adventure trying to save the world with his friends, Wyldstyle, Vitruvius, Batman, Ben and Unikitty.

It was really fun, the movie was great, the popcorn was tasty and after the movie was over my big sisters told me that it was a birthday surprise for me! And we had the whole cinema hall for ourselves for there was nobody else but our family watching the movie in the hall.

Thank you, everybody. It was a real surprise and the best birthday surprise!

Please click here for my review of the Lego Movie.

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