Nurul Izzah Sedang Buat Apa Tu?

Nurul 1

A screenshot from MalaysiaKini.

Above is a screenshot of an article by a pro-Pakatan portal, MalayisaKini with a photo of PKR’s Nurul Izzah.

I first saw the above screenshot on Helen Ang’s blog entitled, ‘Watch the Dapster mob in action’ and I was shocked to see the photo.

I wonder why did MalaysiaKini published the photo; because in the photo, Nurul Izzah looks as if she is ‘praying’, and I wrote to Aunty Helen to ask her opinion.

Comment 1

Watch the Dapster mob in action – Helen Ang’s blog. Please click the photo for larger image.

As a pro-Pakatan portal, I don’t think that MalaysiaKini did that to humiliate Nurul Izzah.

In fact, MalaysiaKini has always been supporting her.

So, what is the message that MalaysiaKini tries to send to it’s readers by publishing the photo?

And how does Nurul Izzah feels about the photo?

Please click here for ‘Nurul Izzah’s Full Speech Video At Subang Jaya Full Gospel Church.’

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