My Special Pet Bird

A very special contest,
Is to be held today,
During the apple fest,
Which started yesterday.

I need to do this,
And I had to do that,
I ate a piece of cheese,
That I kept in my pocket.

Next I was asked to draw,
Then I was told to paint,
So I drew a very big claw,
And I painted something quaint.

The prize is a golden vest,
And on it is a special crest,
Guess who won the contest?
It’s my pet bird in it’s nest!

It made such a great work of art,
That made the judges very proud,
My pet bird drew a cute little cart,
And painted a fluffy, cottony cloud!

I gave it it’s favorite bird food,
As a prize for winning the contest,
Then I gave it a little velvet hood,
Before I put it back in its cozy nest.

I still get the vest, by the way,
For the special little bird is mine,
And the bird can’t wear it anyway,
But the vest fits me just fine.

I was so proud of my cute little bird,
For winning such a special contest,
My surprised friends can’t say a word,
But we agree that the bird is the best!

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