Thousands of Fish Washed To Beach In Tabisan, Lahad Datu -Photos,Videos

photo credit to The Star.

Photo credit to The Star.

Thousands of Tamban fish washed to the beach of Tabisan in Lahad Datu, giving the villagers a chance to catch the fishes with their hands.

This phenomenan makes some people feel as if it is a sign that something bad will happen.

Though such an incident is usually seen as a sign of a possible tsunami, the Meteorological Department said no seismic activity has been recorded off the coast of Lahad Datu.

A local villager Suzila Abdullah, who operates a sundry shop in the village, said that the phenomenon had been occurring in the past three years, but it is different this year because the number of fishes are exceptionally high.

Photo credit to My News Hub.

Photo credit to My News Hub.

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