Sparkling Glass Pebbles On Glass Beach, California

There is a nice and beautiful beach in Fort Bragg, California, which has lots and lots of pretty and colourful pieces of sea glass sparkling in the sun.

According to Grind TV, Glass Beach in Mendocino County is one of the beaches with most abundant sources of sea glass in the world.

The beach was a public dump until 1960s and in the late 1990s and early 2000s, massive cleanup project were held but glasses and bottles were left behind.

After a long time in the sea and tumbling through the ocean, those bottles and glasses broke into smaller pieces and their sharp edges worn smooth and rounded over time, turning them into something like colourful shining pebbles.

The locals said that the beach used to be covered in a foot of sea glass so smooth you could walk on them with bare feet.

But now there are not as much of the sea glasses on the beach as before because people are collecting them.

Rangers from California State Parks see people taking the smooth, pebble-like glass pieces home in buckets and even in canisters as large as trash cans even though there is a signs that says, “GLASS COLLECTING PROHIBITED”.

I hope I could go there one day before the beautiful sea glass are gone for good and take pictures of them and post them in my blog.

I hope that there is an environmentally friendly, cheap and much faster way for us to turn glasses and bottles that were thrown away everyday into something as beautiful as these sparkling pebbles.

Please click the photos for larger images …

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